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AGUERRI production plants manufacture a wide range of products for wind energy, construction, industrial and domestic sector. Currently, AGUERRI exports its product range directly from its production plants to each one of its customers to eleven different countries.  In order to supply to the different world markets, we have fully automated machines, CNC equipment and last-generation assembly devices. The weekly production capacity is 2.200 medium size ladders and 1.500 ml of industrial handrail.

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Manufacture of each product is carried out according to the following regulations:
EN 131, EN 14 122, EN 50 308, EN 796, NF 85 014, NF 85 015

In our facilities, we offer customers the necessary means for making test of each quality standard. 
We have test certificates and documentation of our products endorsed by external certifying companies such as TUV NEL, APAVE and DEKRA.
Since 2007, we have the ISO 9001:2008 certification for ladder and security product design, manufacture and sale.

For distribution and sale of specific products such as railings, platforms, access ways and anchor points, we use distribution network of our partner ALSOLU, located in Saint-Etienne, France

For distribution and selling of LED components, industrial lamps  and signage, we use the distribution network of our partner DSAF located in Vitoria, Spain.